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I’m back at peace now–

But for days, what seemed like years, I felt I needed this “thing”.

This desire felt so strong, and I was certain that this would be the next step.

It would definitely propel me to increased happiness and fulfillment.

However, this excitement transformed into a strong wave of anxiety that was about to engulf me.

Which is how I knew this couldn’t be decided now, not because I was giving into fear,

but because in that moment I realized that I am truly at peace with what already is.

The wave receded, for I knew that I didn’t need anything else.

I gave myself the opportunity to explore this desire, and listened when my soul said, I am full.



I am a sensitive human, longing to brighten the world. I have worked in the nonprofit arena supporting families with parenting skills and a longer stint as a school counselor in public education. A chronic illness as changed the trajectory of my career and I remain hopeful that it will be more expansive than I realize now. My passions include using an excessive amount of mugs in one day, listening to sounds of flowing rivers, dancing to feel grounded, playing an Irish jig, appreciation for the miracle of growing food from the earth, my two fur babies coincidentally both named after horn players. My formal education is in Biology, Psychology, and Counseling. But I believe the best form of education comes from observation, experience, and self awareness. My intention is to share my observations of the world around and within me~ in hopes that it might be helpful for someone else. Peace and Love!

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