Extended Quiet

I’m tired of scrolling through social media and feeling not up to par with everyone else. Most of the time I am happy for others and the joy in their lives. Today, I’m kind of over it. Not over others being happy, just over wasting time soaking in others’ lives, instead of living my own life in that moment.

I am thankful for my friends and for connections with others, but I truly do not get any real joy from scrolling. Sometimes I might get an idea of something I want to do or laugh at a funny animal video. I am somewhat happy to see that a high school friend is having yet another child ūüėČ All okay, just not fulfilling. Yet this is the way of life. This is how people stay connected. This IS what most people do, right?

So my experiment this week is to take a break from it all. I am on spring break, having a staycation. For a while I have wanted to try a silent retreat, but decided that I could have my own silent retreat for FREE!

I’ve told a few people that I want a silent retreat for the week and I have not really gotten the supportive reactions I assumed I would get. It’s more like, hmmm that sounds boring, or no reaction at all, or so I guess that means you don’t want to hang out? Etc. Makes me wonder again, am I crazy for feeling like this would be beneficial? Is this something that only completely burned out people would think of?

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the experience. It’s so easy to get distracted by others’ requests, needs, dramas, etc. I feel like I have neglected to truly listen to what I need and want. With the pace of our society and the work load that never seems to end, it feels like an impossible task sometimes to let go of it all and hone in on what is next for me. The world will overwhelm you, if you aren’t very careful.

I’m an introvert and talking is not my preferred mode of communicating anyways, so I’m pretty certain that I will not struggle with keeping quiet this week.

By not talking, by not scrolling social media, I hope to accomplish the following things~

-better sleep

-limited input from others

-time and space for deep reflection

-permission to not care too much

-mental rest and clarity

-focus on next steps/plans

As I write my broad goals for the week of quiet, I feel like I must find a way to honor these needs on a more regular basis. But for now, I’m excited to give this a try and see what I learn.


The Joy of Beginning, Again and Again

I’m new at this blogging thing, but am so excited to start sharing with the world.¬† As an introvert, I tend to observe and think a lot, and I’ve decided that it’s time to share more.¬† You just kind¬†of know when it’s time.¬†¬†I hope that what I write will be helpful and resonate.¬† I don’t have a specific focus for my blog yet (I have a plethora of interests), and while I have heard it is best to have a focus, I¬†decided that it was better to start not knowing,¬†write what does come to my heart, and¬†go from there.

The mode of release for me growing up, was journaling.  Things made more sense when I could get them out of my brain and onto paper.  Introverts tend to prefer written over verbal communication, but it just depends on the circumstances.  If I feel overwhelmed by life, I write it all down.  When I come back to it, I am always so surprised at how I knew exactly what I needed at the moment with whatever was going on.

Do you just get so excited (and nervous) about starting something new, that it keeps you awake at night?¬† That’s when you know, you have to go for it.¬† Don’t let the nerves and what if’s keep you from moving forward.¬† If something continues to come back to you again and again, you know its time to start acting on it.¬† Little by little.

And this is how I feel about blogging.  Beginning something new, excited for the unknown.  Being okay with whatever comes.  Life is this continual reinvention and renewal of our selves.  We just have to take the time, stick to what matters, and flow with inspiration.

Hope abounds with new beginnings.